Mar 22, 2010

When I tucked in Jack and Adeline the other night, Jack said to me, "Adeline and I going to finish our story." I asked him what he meant. He explained to me that they each tell part of a made-up story until they fall asleep. I stood outside the bedroom door and listened to them whisper back and forth about submarines, pyramids, and mermaids. Cuteness!

More adorableness...Lately, Adeline and Ella have been walking around everywhere holding hands. It is precious to see the two girls linked hand in hand like that. Ella will point in a direction and they'll go waddling off together.

On a side note, I colored my hair last night. Let's just say it's much lighter now, and I'm completely spring-ified. Maybe I'll post pictures later.

Here's our Ella playing Hide and Seek. She thinks we can't see her because she can't see us -- lol.

This past Saturday we went to Sean's "Family Lab Night" at his school. I got to meet some of his professors and classmates. Then we took a tour of his lab. The kids loved the dummies in the clinical beds. They especially got a kick out of each dummy's....umm....anatomical correctness. Upon lifting the covers, Adeline exclaims, "Bagina!" :-/

Sean's enjoying the program immensely and learning a lot. We find out about scholarships in April. He's 1/8 of the way done with the program -- woohoo!


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