Mar 23, 2010

An afternoon with the sun, swings, ducks, and trees.

Ella preparing to walk across the precarious bridge.

Feeding the ducks.

Adeline helping Jack up the slide.

Ella spotting a duck.

A walk in the park.

New do.


aim said...

Love your hair! I enjoy your blog :-) I need to add some serious mindfulness to my life these days. It's getting away from me and I spend way to much time telling the kids "not right now" "in just a minute" ... thanks for the reminder! Your kids look as happy and adorable as always!

Julie and Bryan said...

My goodness, will I even recognize you! No really, it looks great! Can't wait to see it in person. That picture should have been at the top so no one misses it!

Colleen ~~ Hockey Mom said...

Your hair got so long! It's gorgeous!

MrsLaserbeam said...

wow - you look super!
<3, Alicyn

Lisa said...

I love these pictures, especially Ella's adorable outfit and your hair. And so great to see Jack blazing down the hill and Adeline just strolling along!!! So fun.

Emily said...

You look amazing Angela!

Mama Bear said...

Nothing like a family outing at the park! (A different experience now, with two.)

And my oh my! Your hair is so...springy, almost! See you soon!

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