Mar 3, 2010

Random Musings

1. While running some errands the other day, I was affected by some of the disrespect I heard piled on children. One mother grunted, "Move" when she needed to get by her child. I wondered why that mom didn't speak a polite, "Excuse me" instead. And it wasn't just this one instance. I'm often witness to an irreverence and disregard for children. It strikes a chord of sorrow within me. I aim to have compassion for those parents who seem to display (what I hope are) *moments* of disrespect toward their little ones. (No judging here. I know we all have bad days. And I am well aware that I'm far from perfect, and I'm certain I, too, don't always speak with compassion and courtesy. I just see this disrespect toward children quite often, and it's drawn to my attention.)

I was thankful for the reminder of the respect that nearly every human being deserves, be they young or old, and I humbly strive to be mindful of dignity and consideration.

2. Yesterday, Jack was admiring a toy and exclaimed that the extent to which he loved it was, "Double one hundreds! Two one hundreds!" I thought it was neat that he related the idea of double equaling two or twice something. I then explained to him that two one hundreds was "two hundred." To which his eyes grew like saucers and he replied in astonishment, "Oh. My. Gosh. That is A LOT!" Hahahaha -- love that kid. Oh, and unschooling math lesson for the day....check.

3. My oxymoron moment of the day:

Jack and Adeline are playing, banging, screaming, and laughing (basically making a ton of exhuberant -- totally normal little kid -- noise in their room).
Ella is sleeping.
I yell to Jack and Adeline from the other room, "YOUR SISTER IS SLEEPING! PLEASE BE QUIET!"

Really, Angela? Good grief. :-S


Emily said...

Hahaha!! I can totally relate to your Ella Asleep moment! So funny ; ) Thanks for posting that, it makes me feel normal.*grin*

Julie K said...

I love your heart of compassion for kids, and for people in general, Angela. I think it is easy to forget how precious children are and we treat them poorly as a result. I know for myself, when I feel overwhelmed I tend to treat Sierra with disrespect.

I had incident similar to yours the other day. Maybe I'll post it on my blog so I don't fill up your comments space.

Thanks for the updates! I love hearing what goes on in the Adams' family house!

Pamela M. said...

I can also totally relate to YELLING for quiet.

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