Apr 3, 2011

The Beginning of Spring

My attempt at a group photo of the kids....

Pretty good.


Oh, good grief.

Adeline loving her baby brother.

Miss Lioness



Master William 12-weeks-old

Mr. Long Body Jack 7-years-old

Miss Sunshine Adeline who is almost 5-years-old

Darling Ella at 2-years-old

This is why painting time is outside time.

We spent some of Jack's instructional fund money for homeschooling on these Elenco Snap Circuit kits. Wow, Jack loves them. He has a math/engineering/science brain, so he really enjoys these things. This is a remote controlled Rover that he built with different electrical circuits, wires, batteries, and ummm...other things that I don't understand.

And a special shout out to the ice cream man at the park today. The kids were watching as all of the other kids at the park lined up to buy ice cream. We didn't have any cash with us, so J, A, and E knew they couldn't have any. Well, Mr. Ice Cream Man calls them over when the other kids were done and he proceeds to hand each of our little ones an ice cream. They thanked him and were smiling from ear to ear. What an act of kindness we were blessed with. People are so gracious, and I see proof of it all the time. Thank you, Ice Cream Man. May that kindness circle back to you.
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