Apr 7, 2010

Snapshots of Our Life

Planting sunflower, basil, and zinnia. These are from Green Toys. This is the type of stuff we get for free with our educational fund through the homeschool charter we use.
(We get around $1,000 to spend on educational materials each school year.)

Putting together the Triop Tank. (Another homeschool freebie.) These little guys are popular in this house. Jack remembers to feed them, and he checks them daily for growth. Pretty cute buggers.

Building and planting our raised bed garden. Jack is in charge of the carrots, and Adeline is caring for the broccoli. (Yep, we even get the seeds free.)

Excavating some relics from a
Treasure Dig. The kids loved this. Jack couldn't wait to find the gold nugget and the civil war bullet. (Yet another item from our homeschool fund.)

The kids perusing their library books and enjoying some fruit.

A pile-o-kids on a random Tuesday morning.

Practicing our silly faces.

This one is just because I love her.


Mama Bear said...

Angela, you make me feel like such a slacker mom! ;)

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