Jan 27, 2010

One of my obsessions

Dweeb alert. I have a problem. I'm moderately addicted (is that even possible) to "escape the room" computer games. If you aren't familiar, here's a definition from Wikipedia: "The object of the game is to find a way to escape from a mysterious room. The room usually consists of a locked door, several objects to manipulate as well as hidden clues or secret compartments. The player must use the objects to interact with other items in the room to reveal a way to escape."

Here's a link to a popular one: http://www.fasco-csc.com/works/crimson/crimson_e.php. I started playing them a few years ago and they're one of my guilty pleasures. I seriously can't stop playing one if I start it. I. must. escape. the. room. Oh the joy when I find the hidden key under the couch cushion or the secret writing on the back of the notepad that leads me to unlock the door that SETS ME FREE! Muahahahaha -- I have defeated you room!

Seriously. What's wrong with me?


Lisa said...

How funny! When my sister and I were younger, we would play computer games similar to that! Very fun and addicting.

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